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2016 Rosé

The 2016 JUSTIN Rosé is pure enjoyment woven from ripe fruit, subtle herbal notes and amazing textural elements to provide a memorable wine drinking moment. It is made in a classic Provençal style, showing the same beautiful color and sunny complexity of wines made in this style all around the Mediterranean. The important difference is that it is made of Cabernet Sauvignon, our flagship grape variety.


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Appearance: Clear, gorgeous pale peach with a slight coppery tint and diamond-like brightness.

Aroma: Aromatic with pink-lady apple, white peach, guava and unripe strawberry fruit with attractive savory herbal and jasmine floral notes and white pepper spice.

Palate: Crisp, dry and refreshing on the entry with white strawberry, peach, tart cherry and apple notes with a touch of grapefruit. Herbal notes including subtle fresh thyme combined with a hint of jasmine flower going into the mid palate. The finish is crisp and textured and makes you want to take another sip. It’s really hard not to like this wine! While it will pair well with just about anything you want to eat all summer long, it will be perfect with a selection of hard cheeses with some herb cured olives, a salade Niçoise, or wood fired pizza Napoletana on a warm summer’s night.

wine specifications

  • Varietal Composition

    100% Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Appellation

    Paso Robles

  • Alcohol


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