Mother's Day

May 5, 2015
What better way to honor your mother this Mother's Day than to open a bottle of JUSTIN?! We're sharing which wines we're uncorking to celebrate our mothers.

Spring_Mothers Day_Blair I am giving my marvelous mom the 2009 SAVANT because 2009 was the year she and I truly bonded over our love of fine wine. The 2009 SAVANT also perfectly encapsulated everything about my mom: enchantingly approachable, with a strong hint of piquancy.
- Blair B., Wine Society Associate and Events Coordinator

Spring_Mothers Day_VyraI would give my mom the ISOSCELES Reserve. She is a very simple lady with simple tastes, but deserves more than just simplicity. She deserves the best for all that she has done for her family both young and old. And so that is why I would select the ISOSCELES Reserve for her because it is the best!
-Vyra O., Accounting Supervisor

Spring_Mothers Day_Rebecca
For Mother’s Day, I am giving my mom a bottle of ISOSCELES, because she deserves the top of the line. We have shared this special wine over many family meals!
-Rebecca M., Assistant Tasting Room Manager

Spring_Mothers Day_LindyMy mom is a light hearted woman who enjoys laughing and playing whenever the opportunity arises; however, she never fails to impress me with her tenacity. She embodies everything a mother should be: loving, strong, and a guide. The 2014 Rose is a perfect pick for my mom. While it starts out as light and playful, the wine develops a complex palate with fruit and floral notes.
-Lindy C., Accounting Support Specialist


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